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Vancouver Playback Theatre helps individuals, communities and organizations develop and thrive by bringing people together to share stories, deepen dialogue, discover connections, and build positive relationships.

    Using improvisation, intuition, movement and music, our troupe spontaneously re-enacts real stories from the lives of audience members. The "teller's" story is "played back" in dramatic, humourous, imaginative and deeply moving ways. The universality of our human experience is illuminated, building bridges of empathy and understanding.

Richmond in 3D Project

Vancouver Playback Theatre, in partnership with the Richmond Multicultural Concerns Society, is delivering a multi-year project called: Richmond in 3D (Diversity, Dialogue and Drama). Richmond in 3D is helping Richmond residents connect at a deeper level to talk about diversity and immigrant settlement issues, and to take actions to create a more welcoming and inclusive community. 

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"Vancouver Playback Theatre's performance...was an amazing and powerful experience that touched everyone in the audience! The kind of learning experience VPT offers touches the mind and the heart...."  

Gyda Chud, VCC


VPT Public Performance Saturday June 30th, 2012

11/06/2012 16:43


ISPI in 3-D: Drama, Dialogue and Organizational Development!

06/04/2010 14:09
ISPI in 3-D: Drama, Dialogue and Organizational Development! Vancouver Playback will be performing on May 11 for the International Society for Performance Instruction. Vancouver Playback Theatre provides a theatrical and community-building model for examining and problem solving issues such...




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 Playback is a form of theatre unlike any other....



... by honouring and celebrating inclusiveness, diversity, and our common humanity, it changes lives and enriches communities. By improving communications, enhancing creativity, and broadening perspectives, playback also strengthens organizations.