Carol Sicoli: VCC

08/11/2009 03:28

Carol Sicoli, Coordinator Employee Development

Human Resources Department, VCC


" Vancouver Playback Theatre performed during our annual Diversity week event. Each member of the group drew on their personal and professional experiences on the theme of diversity and engaged the participants to share their heartfelt stories. The performance was very powerful and interactive: participants were encouraged to explore their personal connection to diversity deeper and deeper but always at a level in which they felt comfortable. VPT has the gift of making all participants feel welcome, comfortable and included, allowing an opening of hearts and minds. What an inspirational, professional group of people to work with!

I look forward to inviting them to return to VCC to offer additional presentations, whether it's on the topic of diversity, conflict resolution, or taking time out of our busy lives to experience the rewards of caring for each other. Definitely, acts of kindness abound during their presentations and it stays with you for a life time. Based on the feedback from our students and employees, I feel confident that they are the ideal group to continue to meet and exceed our expectations."