Wayne McNiven: Vancouver Community College

08/11/2009 03:37

Wayne McNiven

Career Awareness Program Community & Career Education, VCC


"Each time I see Vancouver Playback Theatre [VPT], I am more and more impressed. As a member of the audience I am not just an observer, I'm a participant. VPT involves me. The troupe creates a "safe" place where we - the audience - can experience  deep emotions. I laugh, I cry, I enjoy. My latest experience with VPT was with the Disability Resource Network of BC, a group of people province-wide that I have shared common interests with for many years. Yet Playback offered me new and important connections with colleagues I thought I had known well! Playback goes beyond theatre. Don't miss out. Experience Playback."

And from a previous conflict resolution workshop held at VCC:

"VPT provided my coworkers and I an opportunity to explore creative ways to tackle conflict. The members of the company played back a variety of scenarios that we presented. I was able to watch as my own little dilemma unfolded. What a great opportunity to observe and think about what one liked or didn't like about the way you handled a situation. Treat yourself. You won't get many better opportunities to do this!"