Jeff "Jesai" Burnett

Jeff "Jesai" Burnett

JEFF "JESAI" BURNETT is an actor, director, writer, teacher and public speaker who has toured and trained extensively in Europe, England, Australia, Canada and the US playing lead roles such as Agamemnon and Jokanaan in Oscar Wilde’s Salome, as well as creating four  solo shows including Death of an Artist, The Macbeths, Miss Margarida’s Way and Conversations with Willie.

He has directed numerous theatrical productions  ranging from Comedia D’el Arte to modern performance art, to  original video works, which have pushed the boundaries of the art form.  

Since moving to Vancouver, he has appeared on TV in Viper, Strangeluck, Poltergeist and The Outer Limits, Andromeda and Stargate as well as independent features including “Listen” and the title role in “Debating Christ”.

His teaching career includes Yale University Theater Studies, the Banff Center for the Arts, Simon Fraser University, Michael Howard Studios in NYC, and many hours of private coaching. He specializes in physical and vocal training. 

Jeff’s system of voice training and effective communication techniques has enhanced the lives of teachers, sales people, ministers, actors and many individuals from all walks of life.  He is the author of  Develop Your Vocal Power, first published by the Learning and Instructional Development Centre at Simon Fraser University now online as an e-book at

Jeff is delighted to be working with the Playback troupe and is continually in awe of the magic and power of the form, the talents of the company members and the effect that the work has on audiences.