Sharon Harowitz: St. Paul's Hospital

08/11/2009 02:55

Sharon Harowitz, Coordinator of Volunteers

Palliative Care Unit, St. Paul's Hospital


 "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Spending an evening with the Vancouver Playback Theatre troupe was a truly wonderful gift.

    Hearing the anecdotes from the hospice volunteers was pleasant. Seeing them acted out for us was magic! What an incredible experience: the laughter, the tears, the poignancy. What a talented group! Not only your acting, but your ability to read between the lines, to grasp the feelings, to work together so harmoniously without pre-rehearsing, to understand what makes us all tick – the whole thing was thrilling and incredibly moving.

Thank you for the gift of your talents, of your time, of your generosity. We will treasure the memory of that very special evening for a long time to come."